Do you know the history of the dental chair?

Below are some tips for you:

In 1970s, Dr. Josiah Flagg from USA invented the first dental chair.

he modified a Windsor writing chair for use in his dental curing practice.

This dental unit is a plain wooden chair with a padded headrest with a tray for equipment on the side. This is the prototype of the dental chair.

dental chair1

In 1832s, the first reclining dental chair was invented by London dentist James Snell.

In 1877s, Basil Manly Wilkerson designed the first dental chair of hydraulic nature,hydraulic dental chair price is high but which allows a better position of the patient’s back during treatment and improves working conditions for the dentist.

On to 1950s, Dr. John Naughton invented a dentist chair with an adjustable back allowing the patient to be in a prone position.

This dental chair been the model for all dental chairs since then.

with the development of technology and the growth of demand of patients, updated variations of course.

On to the 21st Century

dental chair manufacturer let dental chairs are designed with patient comfort in mind. dental chair for sale are made not only contribute to patient comfort

but also easy to clean and sterilize. The chairs are now equipped with Dental Engines. These work with the chair to provide power, suction and water etc.

dental chair2

Chances are, going to see the dentist is not at the top of your to-do list.

Most people don’t necessarily enjoy their trips to the dentist —

even if they understand that they’re necessary. While modern-day dentistry may still make some people uncomfortable, there have been huge improvements over the years in the dental field that make your six-month cleanings a lot more pleasant.

Nowadays, dentists have better tools, protocols, and sanitization standards than they ever have before. But, in terms of patient comfort,

the biggest improvement has to be the dental chair.

The dental chair has gradually evolved over the years, going from a static, wooden chair to a colorful, high-tech marvel that keeps patients comfortable and involved in the treatment process.

We’re taking a closer look at the dental chair’s history and why (and how) it changed to become the dental chair you see and sit on today.

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